Foster Family Support

In 2016,  Barrow County DFCS had 125 children in foster care with only 10 foster homes.  Because of the shortage of foster families, approximately 60% of these children end up placed outside the county. The moment these children enter into the foster care system they lose everything in an instance – their families, their homes, their personal belongings, their schools, their friends, their pets, and, if they belonged to one, their churches.  Once entering the foster care system, many siblings are separated; they are often bounced around from home to home creating a huge lack of stability for our most vulnerable children.  Unfortunately, these children are at risk of dropping out of school, substance abuse, teen pregnancy and homelessness when they age out of the system at 18.  One reason for these horrible outcomes is that these children are stripped of every support system they ever knew when they entered into the foster care system.

Barrow Ministry Village wants to be a part of a solution of bringing our children back to our community.   We want to begin recruiting foster families who feel called by God to meet this important need and provide support for them reducing the likelihood of multiple placements. These children are in desperate need of feeling the love of the body of Christ bringing hope to such a hopeless situation. This problem is so big that we know we cannot tackle it alone!  We need partner churches to come along side of us helping us support foster families.  

BMV has a store specially provided for foster families free of charge. Items include clothing, accessories, baby items etc. Grandparents raising their grandchildren are also welcome to take advantage of the store.

Counseling Support

Barrow county lacks the resources needed to serve the community in the areas of counseling and coaching. BMV seeks to provide licensed professional counseling to those who cannot afford it.  Any victim of a crime will be covered by the Victims Of Crime Act grant.

  • Individual Counseling

  • PTSD

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Coaching

  • Free Services to Victims of Crimes

  • Play Therapy specializing in TBRI

All services provided are on a sliding scale fee basis. Some Insurance accepted.

Hunger Relief Support

BMV exists to meet the basic needs of those who struggle with hunger by locating, assisting with, and distributing food. We also support and partner with existing food distribution and hunger programs in Barrow County.