About Betsy Mejias


Confined and hopeless describes a prisoner on death row not you. At times we can feel like there is no way out and that we are living out a life sentence. However, our feelings are not always accurate.  You are free to heal and pursue an abundant life. It may not seem like it but you can seek help from a counselor and make changes that will put you on the right path. 

Betsy Mejias is all about meeting people where they are and helping them get to where they deserve to be. As a Clinical Social Worker and Board Certified Christian Counselor, Betsy combines evidence-based interventions with scriptural truths that will best help you.  Having graduated from the University of Georgia in 2009, and working with individuals, couples, and dialysis patients Betsy brings a diverse perspective. She is certified to provide Telemental Health (online counseling) for clients who live too far or have difficulty coming into the office.  

If you are ready for change call 770-246-2822.

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